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Private guided tours
of New Zealand

Let me paint a picture for you

You've been working hard all year, you're looking for a holiday destination that is intrepid, exciting and outside the ordinary; and more importantly, you want it to be run smoothy from start to finish, without having to worry about anything

This is where Bespoke Kiwi steps in.

Although we advertise as a 'Tour Guiding Service' our guides offer so much more than that.

Why Choose bespoke

Our guides are here for the same reason as you are

Thriving off our Environment, our guides choose to work for Bespoke Kiwi for the same reason you want to visit New Zealand. We know how important personality, experience and enthusiasm is within this role so every guide that wears the Bespoke uniform has been carefully selected and trained accordingly. The majority of our guides are less than 35 years old, very active and are eager to show you their favorite spots. When they're ready to move on, we encourage our guides to move on to office roles, drawing upon their experience to create dream holidays for others.

we're committed to keeping New Zealand beautiful

There's a reason why New Zealand is such a popular travel destination worldwide and that has a lot to do with our 'Clean and Green' image. Bespoke Kiwi is committed to take every initiative to operate sustainably and keep New Zealand immaculate for generations to come.

With so many options to chose from, we encourage you to shop around

We're confident with what we do, we believe in the service we provide and we know you will absolutely love it too. That's why we always recommend to our clients to have a look around at other operators - when you're ready, get in touch with us below.

Thousand Kilometers of Pristine Coastline
Beautiful Lakes
Million Friendly New Zealanders
Million Sheep

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