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There is no better way to experience New Zealand than at your own pace, with your own expert guide and with an itinerary that is personalized to your every preference.

New Zealand’s natural beauty is lush, sprawling and (for good reason) world-famous—and is likely the reason you are here. If you are planning a trip to our corner of the world, Bespoke Kiwi offers personalized and professional tours exploring the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand.

Take one of our expert guides with you for your journey in a Bespoke Kiwi Private Guided Tour, or take the plunge to adventure and wander the country at your own pace in a Bespoke Kiwi Self-Drive Tour. With packages to suit any world traveler or explorer, Bespoke Kiwi will design your dream luxury holiday.

When it comes to holidays, we don't believe one size fits all, that's why you won't find packaged deals on our website. Starting with a few quick questions our expert team will liaise with you and slowly refine the perfect holiday based on your budget, interests and trip duration. From here you will be offered an assortment of different itineraries ensuring you get the most out of your visit to New Zealand.

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