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How do we define Bespoke?

A travel experience custom made precisely to your personal preference with absolutely no level of detail or expense spared. When it comes to holidays, we don't believe one size fits all, that's why you won't find packaged deals on our website.

Starting with a few quick questions our expert team will liaise with you and slowly refine the perfect holiday based on your budget, interests and trip duration. From here you will be offered an assortment of different itineraries ensuring you get the most out of your visit to New Zealand.

There is no better way to experience New Zealand than at your own pace, with your own expert guide and with an itinerary that is personalized to your every preference.

Kosher Travel within New Zealand

Embarking on a holiday in New Zealand can be a daunting prospect for members of the Jewish community, particularly due to the limited Kosher facilities and infrastructure. At Bespoke Kiwi, we understand these challenges and have developed our Kosher Tours to address the unique needs of our Jewish guests while respecting Kosher standards.

Tailored Kosher Experiences for Every Traveler
Our Kosher Tours are designed with flexibility and observance in mind. We recognize that Kosher observance varies, and while we may not be able to meet every level of observance, our commitment is to provide the best possible solutions for your travel needs.

Kosher Catering for Larger Groups
For larger groups, Bespoke Kiwi goes the extra mile. We can arrange for a Kosher chef/rabbi to accompany your group throughout the tour. This service ensures that your dietary needs are catered for with the utmost attention to Kosher standards, allowing you to explore New Zealand's wonders without any concerns.

Kosher Solutions for Smaller Groups
Smaller groups or individual travelers seeking Kosher provisions are also well-cared for. We can organize accommodation equipped with cooking facilities alongside Kosher provisions. This option is ideally suited for travelers who are reasonably flexible with their Kosher observance, offering a balance between dietary requirements and the exploratory spirit of travel.

At Bespoke Kiwi, we believe that travel is about exploration, learning, and growth. While traveling in New Zealand with Kosher observance may require some compromise, our team is dedicated to making your journey as seamless and fulfilling as possible. We're confident that the beauty and unique experiences of New Zealand make any compromises worthwhile.

Visiting New Zealand has
never been easier!

Our specialists have driven the route, visited the accommodation and sampled the cuisine, so you can rely on this firsthand knowledge to guarantee every aspect of your holiday will be a perfect fit for you!

Your Bespoke Kiwi expert will arrange all aspects of your holiday, including accommodation, activities, meal plan and of course your guide, all specifically tailored to your preferences.

Easy right?! So how does it all work..

The Process

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Planning Together
Creating The Perfect Holiday

Through liaising, your personal Bespoke Kiwi expert will listen, make suggestions, and offer proposed itineraries, ensuring you get the most out of your New Zealand adventure. This will also be where you indicate what level of Kosher Observance you practice, allowing us to gauge whether or not we will be able to assist.

Your Arrival
On Your Marks, Get Set

You will be met in the arrivals terminal by your Bespoke Kiwi Representative who will be your expert guide and driver throughout your holiday!

Your Adventure
Your Dream Holiday Begins

From the minute you land in the airport to the moment you leave we'll take care of every detail, leaving you able to focus on enjoying everything our beautiful country has to offer.

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